Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Immersion Weekend

This last weekend, Aug. 7-10, I went on my second 'Immersion Weekend' with the ICAN program. The ICAN program is a state funded program that I was accepted in back in April 2008. There were only 15 people accepted into the program and I am one of the lucky ones picked. This program focusses on improving signing skills and advancing people to the next level of certification. Right now I have a Novice Level Utah State Certification which expires June 2009 and it is crucial that I pass the Intermediate Level test in order to continue interpreting in the State of Utah. I took the test July 17th and will find out my result in about 1-2 more months (the waiting is torture). Anyways, back to this last weekend...we went to a cabin in Heber City. It was beautiful there! 'Immersion Weekend' means all the people in the program go to some place seclusive and we aren't allowed to talk AT ALL the entire time. We have multiple workshops and activities all focussed on sign language and the deaf culture. The last time I went to an 'Immersion Weekend' last May 2-6th I was much more involved in socializing, but this time once all the workshops and activities were done for the evening and the group started playing games I couldn't wait to open up "Breaking Dawn" to read more about Bella, Edward, Jacob, and all the other Cullen adventures. I was made fun of for being so engulfed in my book, but those who were also Twighlight series lovers understood my need to read:) Overall the weekend was a nice get away; I finished my book, enjoyed the workshops, and had fun socializing.


Leslie said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun for you. Knowing you, I would probably guess you loved being immersed in that though!

P.S. Remember like forever ago I was trying to get you to read the Twilight series? YOu said you were reading something else. Then lo and behold, one day you mentioned being hooked! Who convinced you to start??

holley family said...

so, i was thinking that i want to get back into signing more seriously. what do i need to do to get certified???? email me! holleyfamily@gmail.com