Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Twighlight Series Lovers Only!

For those of you who are still reading the last book, "Breaking Dawn", I won't spoil anything for you because I know how much I would hate that. All I can say is....I loved it! I was very surprised because it took me till about page 300 till I really got into the book. Also, it was very predictable to me, I guessed some of the main events so it wasn't all that surprising that way but I enjoyed reading it more and more as I got into it. I was also surprised because I had my own opinions as to how I wanted the book to end but none of what I wanted happened, well except for one thing, and yet I still loved it. I am dying to know some of your opinions!


Leslie said...

Okay, so I am at about page 400. I believe Katie is a bit ahead of me. I can't stop reading it! I am trying so hard to pick it up any chance I get, but with a newborn and toddler...not so easy! I'm pretty bummed that I can't just sit and plow through it like I want to.

Anyway - so FAR, I LOVE the direction it is going in. Katie told me the same thing. I know some people think it was gruesome in parts (i read some reviews) but I like that it went that way. Who wants it to all be fluff? The only thing that is bugging me is how Bella treats Jacob. It is like he can do no wrong! I get pretty annoyed by that. I do understand they are best friends, but come on...people get irritated with their best friends too!

Wow, I am writing a lot. I"ll let you know what I think in the end of the book. If I ever get there!

katester said...

I am still reading it and loving it. I think this is my favorite one. I know it is hard to beat Twilight but it is pretty close in my mind. I will have to call you so we can discuss. My parents come in tomorrow but I will call you soon.

thank you for finally posting on your blog. Yeah!

Aubry said...

Overall I enjoyed the book. I too thought it was a bit predictable in parts, and I thought the ending was pretty abrupt after it took so long to get there. But, I'm happy with it. I'm excited for Twlight to hit theaters. I'm sure you've heard that it is coming out Nov.21st now. Yeah!